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Beau Shea Massage and Beauty have partnered with the amazing brands of O Cosmedics, Ginger&Me and Waterlily and we are proud to advise that apart from being some of the best all of our partners's products are also Australian made and owned and also cruelty free by protecting our furry friends.

O Cosmedics O-Biotics EGF Booster

O-Biotics EGF Booster

O Cosmedics
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This is a natural cell booster. A biomimetic breakthrough! 'Bios' meaning life and 'Mimesis' meaning to imitate. Powered by 3 biomimetic peptides, these peptides imitate and activate the biological conditions in healthy skin that imitate the optimum conditions found in healthy skin. This serum is perfect for all skins looking for age prevention or correction. Like weights for the skin, this gentle hero improves visible signs of aging and is a true contributor to skin health and ultimately skin youth.

This baby is a gentle hug when you are feeling down, guaranteed to give compromised skin the TLC it needs for a quick recovery.

Suitable for all compromised skins concerned with aging.

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